semi automatic transformer winding machine JX-1

semi automatic transformer winding machine JX-1
1. the machine is composed of main box,tail stock,transmission system,shifting handle and electric system.
2. the machine adopts mechanical shifting speed and frequency conversion speed regulation.mechanical shifting speed has high and low gears,and the frequency conversion stepless speed regulation per gear. It ensure whole equipment startup process smooth and braking accurate and reliable.
3. The electric system consists of electric control box,frequency converter,electronic counter,foot switch and other electrical appliance.speed of the spindle is controlled bu the frequency converter,speed of spindle,number of turns can be displayed. The counter can positive counting and reversal counting,has power-off memory,automatic stop function at setting turns.foot switch can operate whole winding process.counter value ranges 0-9999 turns.
Technical Parameter:
Model JX-1 JX-2T
Machine power 5.5kw 5.5kw
Max.bearing weight of spindle 1000kg 2000kg
Max.torque 2000NM 4000NM
Spindle speed
Low speed gear 0-46 0-28
High speed gear 0-280 0-168
Speed adjust method Mechanical multi-speed shift,stepless frequency control of motor
Standard square shaft 40*40*1000mm 40*40*1500mm
Adjust range of tailstock 550-1450mm 1050-1950mm
Dimension of machine 2650*690*1300mm 3050*690*1350mm
Spindle height 950mm 1000mm
Max.setting turns of counter 9999.99
Counting method Electronic reversible counter with power-off memory function