Double guider transformer coil winding equipment

Double guider transformer coil winding equipment

It is a very popular machine which can wind a wide range of HV coils for distribution transformers using round and rectangular conductors.
winding host   1 set
automatic wire guide traversing mechanism  2 sets
insulation layer decoiler   1 set
round wire decoiler with tension control  2 sets
Flat wire decoiler with tension control    1 set
PLC control   1 set
Operation touch screen 1 set
Pneumatic system and foot pedal.  1 set
4,technical parameter:
Model GRX-100-2
Size  L×W×H 2000×1300×1360mm
Winding width 500 mm
Weight 500kg
Power supply 3 phase, 220V,50HZ or 380V,50HZ or 415V,60HZ or customer local voltage
Machine power 3KW
Coil diameter 80-400mm
Coil width (Max) 500mm
Coil weight(Max) 100kg
Coil cross section Round,oval,rectangle
Round wire diameter Φ0.3mm—Φ3mm
Flat wire 1×9mm
Speed adjustment method Frequency stepless control
Automatic wire guider function Gap between each turns ≦0.01mm
Mandrel rotation speed (Max) 240rpm or 450rpm
Max. working torque 200Nm
Square shaft 40×40×500mm or 50×50×500mm or customer need