amorphous core and coil assembly table QZT-3

amorphous core and coil assembly table QZT-3

amorphous core and coil assembly table is professional equipment for body assembly of amorphous alloy core transformer,it can be used for oil immersed and dry amorphous transformer changes traditional assembly technology,but put winding on the lift platform of assembly table in advance,axis of winding keep horizontal,each single frame iron core pass through inner hole of winding in transverse.and other process like iron core combined,bind up and close,body insulation assembly,clamp components tightening will be finished on assembly platform.during assembly,the height of this platform can be adjusted conveniently to satisfy assembly requirement of different process.
Main technical parameter:
Load bearing(kg) 3000
Working height(mm) 850
Transformer out size using(mm) L=700-1600
Working stroke(mm) 400
Lifting speed 40mm/s(adjustable)
Working pressure P=14MPa
Overturn angle 90 degree
Overturn speed 90 degree/40s