transformer foil winding machine BRJ-1400-2

transformer foil winding machine BRJ-1400-2

1, Instruction 
BRJ type foil winding machine is suitable for transformer and other electric industry foil winding.
Foil coil take different thickness copper belt or aluminum belt as conductor, take wide belt type insulation material as layer insulation, take narrow belt type insulation material as end insulation, finish foil winding in foil winding machine once time and form a roll status the same time, the lead wire in outside of coil weld and surface package are finished. All kinds of function of this equipment supply enough support for foil winding in making suitable coil. This machine is necessary equipment for this electric product.
2, Technology specification 
1 Coil processing range  
1-1 Axial length 250-1400mm
1-2 Axial length(including leading wire) 400-1650mm
1-3 Outer diameter(not include busbar) Diameter ¢700
1-4 Max.outer diameter Diameter ¢1200
1-5 Min.inner diameter Diameter ¢100
1-6 Suitable coil shape Circular/rectangle
2 Coil material  
2-1 Material Copper/aluminum foil
2-2 Width 200-1400mm
2-3 Thickness Copper foil: 0.3-2mm
Aluminum foil: 0.5-3mm
3 Decoiler for foil coil 2 SETS
3-1 Winding material inner diameter Diameter:¢400@
3-2 Winding material outer diameter Diameter: ¢1000
3-3 Effective length of tube-shaped mandrel 1650mm
3-4 tube-shaped mandrel expanded big or small Diameter:¢400-520
3-5 tube-shaped mandrel bearing 5000kg
3-6 Tension strength 20000 N
3-7 Working pressure 0-0.6(MP)
4 Winding machine  
4-1 Working torque ≧10000-N/M
4-2 Winding power Double layer 30KW
4-3 Speed adjusting method Frequency  stepless speed adjusting
4-4 Winding speed 0-20(r/min)
5-1 Welding method TIG
5-2 Welding speed frequency control  0-1M/MIN
6-1 Shearing method Screw cutting disc
6-2 Shearing speed 1.5M/MIN
7 Layer insulation decoiler 2 sets
7-1 Flatulence axis outer diameter, inner diameter ¢400mm、76mm
8 End insulation device  
8-1 Quantity 8 sets (client required manufacture)
8-2 Inner diameter 56MM
8-3 Outer diameter ¢350MM
8-4 Width 15-50MM
9 error correcting device 2 SETS
9-1 error correcting method Servo system
9-2 Error correcting precision ±0.5mm
10 Electronic control system  
10-1 Control method PLC automatic control,With button action
10-2 Counting numbers Four digit(0-999.9)
10-3 Counting precision ≦0.1turns
11 Others  
11-1 Layer insulation cutting device 2 SETS
11-2 Foil edge burr removing device 2 SETS
11-3 Foil dust clean device 2 SETS
11-4 Foil Feeding mechanism 2 SETS
11-5 Power make for your voltage

Decoiler for foil coil
foil edge burr removing and dust clean device
Foil coil error correcting device
Foil Feeding mechanism
Electrical Tension device
Foil Sheet cutting device
Decoiler for layer insulation
Layer insulation edge cutting mechanism
End insulation strip installation device
Winding device
Welding device(TIG welder)
PLC Control System