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 Application for different coil winding machine mold

Application for different coil winding machine mold

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 Application for different coil winding machine mold

The winding mold is an important part of the winding machine for winding the coil. The type and size of the coil forming are determined by the mold. There are many types of molds used in the automatic winding machine. The molds are different depending on the industry application and the coil type. Material and architecture. The following is a brief introduction to the common transformer winding molds, motor winding molds and applications with skeleton winding molds.
Transformer winding molds are generally round or elliptical. Commonly used materials are wood and metal materials, which have strong load-bearing capacity and resistance to deformation.
Motor winding mold is one of the necessary components for motor stator winding. At present, there are three types of standard universal mold, self-made mold and adjustable mold.
The winding with the skeleton type coil needs to extract the core after the winding is completed, so the structure of the mold is special, usually composed of the core, the left and right baffles, and the winding shaft. After the winding is completed, the winding shaft can be taken out. It is possible to detach the left and right baffles and take out the coil, which is one of the commonly used mold types for transformer winding machines.

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